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There are a lot of changes coming in 2014.
Here's a peek:
* Price Increase - No one likes a price increase, however my prices have been the same since 2008!
* Products - You often ask me about the products I use on your hair, soon you will be able to purchase them at the salon.
* Online Scheduling - I'd like to make it easier for you to schedule your appointments
* More Payment Options
* and more….

Welcome to Consetta's Corner!

Thanks for stopping by!  What is Consetta's Corner?  It's where I share tips, information and products with you for and about our hair.  There are a lot of changes coming in 2014, all exciting!

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Just cuz the temperatures are dropping doesn't mean you can't still look fabulous.  Here are some quick tips for protecting your hair during the cooler months:

Keep it Moist 

Our hair gets a little drier during the fall and winter months.  An easy and low-cost way to combat this is to get a mild olive oil and dab on when you feel your hair is a little dry.  You may want to grab a small travel bottle to keep with your hair products

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