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Thinking about changing your hair color but don't know your options?

There are various ways to change your hair from one shade to another. These are your options for keeping your hair looking fabulous without damaging it with harsh chemicals. 

Color Rinse: They are gentle and easy on the hair. This ammonia - and peroxide - free product adds a certain shine and depth to your hair. It does It is also safe to use on relaxed hair, but since it fades over time, it must be reapplied over time. Please note that color rinses do not lighten your hair.  

Temporary Colors: Temporary hair colors only last until the next shampoo, but similar to rinses they do not lighten the hair and are free of harsh chemicals. They are more like "paint" for your hair; they only coat the hair strands. 

Semi-permanent colors: Just like color rinses and and temporary colors they are temporary formulas. Semi-permant colors have the added adavantage of longevity. This color appiled to hair and sealed by heat (sitting under the dryer). Again, this is chemcial-free and safe to use on processed hair. 

Demi-permanent colors: Demi-permanent colors contain a small amount of peroxide, but do not contain ammonia. Therefore, they can't lighten the hair, but they can enhance the natural color and cover grays well. This type of color also lasts through at least 24 shampoos.

Permanent colors: Best applied by a professional (like me) , permanent color provides you with a significant change and uses both ammonia and peroxide. The color does not wash out and only fades as the hair grows out. Touch-ups every four to six weeks are recommended to cover roots. 


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