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The temperatures are finally warming up and the sunny is shining. Sunday, June 22nd marks the first day of Summer. Here are some quick tips on looking fabulous.

Dryer Time.

With different types of roller sets looking good in the warm/hot weather can be a breeze.  Time spent under the dryer, along with a good conditioner and a trim every few weeks is all it takes.  Some styles may even last a few days to a week.

Keep Hydrated.

Not only is it good for your overall health, it is great for your hair.  Water works from the inside to help keep the hair soft and shiny.

Cap and Rinse.

If one of your favorite summer activities is swimming, you may want to consider investing in a swim cap or two to protect your hair.  If swim caps aren’t your thing, before going into the pool, pre-wet your hair with fresh water to lessen the amount of chlorine, chemicals and salt that the hair absorbs. After swimming be sure to rinse the hair completely and follow up with a conditioner to prevent drying. Also consider  adding a Protein Treatment with Moisturizing Conditioner to your hair care routine helps protect and rebuild/repair the hair.

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