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Just cuz the temperatures are dropping doesn't mean you can't still look fabulous.  Here are some quick tips for protecting your hair during the cooler months:

Keep it Moist 

Our hair gets a little drier during the fall and winter months.  An easy and low-cost way to combat this is to get a mild olive oil and dab on when you feel your hair is a little dry.  You may want to grab a small travel bottle to keep with your hair products

Have a Treatment

You can add a hot oil treatment for $5 to any service.  This will help fight off dry scalp.

Be Stylish with Silk

A stylish wool coat keeps us warm against the Chicago wind, but it is not good for our hair.  Grab a silk scarf to wear around the collar to protect the hair along the nape of the neck

Sleep Sound with Silk

When you pick up that fabulous scarf to go about town, also grab one for your slumber.  Tying your hair up with a silk scarf and/or using a silk pillowcase keeps the hair pliable you fabulous doo.

Try a new Doo

Maybe this winter give your hair a break from a relaxer with a weave.  If that is too big of a change, maybe consider adding a track or two to the nape.  This can also help against that winter breakage.

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