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Gym Goddess
Are You a Gym Goddess? Do you hit the gym , or work out at home and worry about keeping your do looking great?  Here are 3 tips to being a stylish gym goddess: 

1. Get Regular Maintenance

With the increase in glistening (sweating) it's important to wash and condition more often to remove excess oils and dirt from your scalp. Consider scheduling your appointments around your heaviest gym days.  


2. Wrap it

To keep the edges flat and smooth, tie a scarf or use a wrap.  If you've tried the GymWrap by actress Nicole Ari Parker, let me know how you like it. Not heard of it?  Check it out at: https://thegymwrap.com

3. Try a Weave

If you live at the gym, maybe a weave is your answer for keeping fit and stylish.  We can chat about it at your next appointment.

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