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Are you nervous about changing your hair, or maybe you are dealing with breakage and are unsure on how to help your hair grow. Here is a story from one of my clients that might help you with any uncertainty that you may have. 

I remember when I got my first sew-in. I was so excited! I’m sure we’ve all heard the stereotypes associated with girls who wear extensions. If you wear hair that isn’t yours, apparently you’re either bald, fake or have really short hair. I must admit that I didn’t want to be put into that category. But after a really bad hair experience, I had to give in. Hey, drastic times call for drastic measures! But after my first sew-in, I actually realized that wearing weave isn’t just for looks, it’s also really good for your hair!

1. It protects your hair from heat damage.

For the ladies with more course hair, you know how rigorous the process of doing your hair is on “wash days.” You have to shampoo/condition, detangle (which can literally take forever), blow-dry, then straighten your hair. By the time you finish, your arms are probably so tired. But not only is all the blow-drying and straightening painful for our arms, all the heat is really damaging for our hair. With it being kept away underneath those beautiful Brazilian locks, our hair is safe from all that damaging heat.

2. It’s great for growing out your hair

After trying to relax my own hair, my hair fell out. It was extremely short. After having a sew-in for three months, my hair grew almost three inches! You see, when you don’t do anything with your hair, it prevents tension and breakage, which helps your hair grow. For those of you who aren’t quite comfortable with the length of your hair or your haircut, I definitely recommend this! Just be sure to moisturize your natural hair underneath.

3. It allows for a range of possibilities

Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to experiment with your hair, but you were too afraid to? Worry no more! All the things you’ve always wanted to try can be done to your extensions without damaging your natural hair! Do you like a shorter hairstyle but don’t want to cut your own hair? You can try it out with your weave instead. Do you want to get some highlights, or ombré your hair, but don’t want the color to damage it? Want to try out a wild, crazy color? Virgin weave can be dyed almost any color you want!

4. You can achieve the long hair look

If you have difficulty growing your hair or achieving a desired length, extensions can give you those long locks you’ve been longing for. I’ve even seen them up to 30 inches long! If you can handle all that hair, then more power to you! Flip and whip your hair all you want!

I’m not telling you to go out and buy four bundles of top-grade hair. I’m simply telling you that wearing weave/extensions is not a bad thing and it's nothing to be ashamed of; it’s actually really beneficial!

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