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1. Avoid Split Ends: It is a known fact that if you trim your hair regularly that you will most likely be able to avaoid split ends. By getting a haircut once every six to eight weeks, you’ll minimize the damage done by progressive split ends and your hair will maintain a healthy and vibrant shine that otherwise would be dimmed by damaged ends.


2. Prevents Single Strand Knots: By implementing regular trims into your natural hair regimen, you remedy the single strand knot conundrum before it becomes a really frustrating problem. Even if you still experience single strand knots on occasion, frequent trims will surely help to alleviate the problem long term. 

 3. Your Hair Will Appear Thicker and Healthier: Once you let go of those dead ends your hair will look much thicker and healthier . Yes your hair will appear shorter for a time… but health over length is always the goal.

4. Minimizes Frizziness:  Frizziness can reach an all time high if you have damaged unhealthy ends. Too much time between a haircut leaves you open to the possibility of a frizzy outcome even when using your best staple products and your go to hairstyle.

5. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: By getting your hair cut once every few weeks, you make room for and promote healthy growth of your lovely tresses. 

6. Easier Time Detangling: When you trim more regularly you create the opportunity for the slip and moisture of your favorite natural hair product to do its job and cut down on the difficulties of detangling. 

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